Latest Project- Vacancy

A couple months ago, when I was on the set of “The D in Dating”, I had a horrible panic attack. I had to leave the set. I was mortified, upset, embarrassed. Immediately I thought “I have to make something out of this. People need to know what this is like”. So, I began writing Vacancy. It brings the viewer into the mind of someone suffering from anxiety and depression, and although I have had my bouts with both of those things, this was still very much a character driven story. I’m not playing myself. This was one of the most difficult and challenging roles for me thus far and I am incredibly proud of the project. Acting and writing have always been mediums that bring about questions, growth and change. Yes, entertainment is important, but acting goes far beyond that. I’m super excited to get the opportunity to edit this film and show people something that they might be unaware of.


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