Editing Vacancy

I’ve always considered myself an actor. Only in the past year have I felt comfortable calling myself an actor and writer. Then I started directing and now editing! I love it all, the whole process of creating a film.

This past weekend I did a rough cut edit of my latest film, Vacancy. What’s different about the film is how incredibly personal it is and I found it uncomfortable to watch back some of the footage. Prognosis was my first film, and while the subject matter was touchy, I wasn’t acting in it so I didn’t have to watch myself back. Herstory was a short film I made while visiting friend in Austin, Texas. We shot it for me to use the footage to learn how to edit. It wasn’t a film that was released, but it was a comedy and was fun to make. The D in Dating was a comedy and commentary on modern dating. I got to work opposite my friend, Kyle, and make fun of boys and their weird ways! Vacancy is different than all the rest as it poses a serious question to our society. And I won’t get into the question that is posed, I’ll wait to release it and you watch it! But this is the heaviest film I’ve made or been a part of. And that’s a little scary. Exposing your soul is scary, but it’s also the role of an actor. And a writer. And a director. And an editor, I’m finding.

Here’s to chipping away at this piece and hoping it means something to the people who will view it!


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