I was eight years old when I saw the movie Chaplin and when I looked to my grandfather and said “that, I want to do that.”

Robert Downey Jr in Chaplin

Acting and story telling has been such a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Cleveland’s Little Italy, I would find myself watching the flocks of people who would stream into the restaurants and attempt their accents and movements. This became a problem when my mother took me to an authentic Chinese restaurant and I stood on the booth, turned around to the people speaking in Chinese behind us and unleashed a diatribe of gibberish. Thankfully they laughed while my mother’s face turned red. I was curious. I am curious.

My curiosity led me to taking my first serious acting class when I turned 18. On the actual day, the first class was on my 18th birthday. I had been in theater since I was young and was part of the drama department in high school, but this was an intense study. It was Meisner and it was taught by a man named Victor D’Altorio (who also taught Megan Mullally and Richard Schiff). Victor taught me more than I will ever be able to describe. Not just about acting and Meisner, but about humanity and what it means to be an artist. My college theater days allowed me the opportunity to direct for the first time and learn more about the kind of actor I wanted to be. Immediately upon graduating college I found myself seeking out Meisner again and I began taking classes at The Houde School of Acting, training under Jessica Houde Morris. Jessica was a student of Playhouse West and trained under Robert Carnegie. I studied there for a total of 4 years and was signed with my acting agencies while going through the program. I have recently started taking classes with James Madio (Band of Brothers, Basketball Diaries) at his studio in Ohio. It is a bit strange to study without an emphasis on a certain method, but acting is an individual experience and I look forward to learning and growing from Mr. Madio.

Apart from acting, which is my first love, I also write and direct. Telling stories and being creative are what make me feel alive and give me purpose.